Line6 PodHD Tone Demo
by MeAmBobbo

Help a bro out! I don't have enough time for any more tone requests right now, but I am glad to answer questions or give advice via email.
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Modifications VJob Patch
BHJob Patch
Originals Me Am Recto
Just Shred

For some general guidelines on how to use the Pod HD and dial in patches similar to those below, please see my Pod HD tone guide.

Other genres: Classic Metal, Shred/Prog, Modern Metal, and Cleans/Crunch.

Download Setlist with all Patches


VJob Patch

This is a modification of Ola Englund's HJob patch. I used dual cabs to get a clearer and tighter high end, so I used a different EQ scheme to get a similar tone as Ola's patch. I also use a Parametric EQ to suck out any fizz.

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BHJob Patch

Nearly exactly the same as above, but I use the Classic Distortion instead of Screamer as my boost, and I changed the EQ slightly to get the same tone.

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Me Am Recto

Nothing really special here. Just using my dual cab technique to dial in a thick-yet-crisp Recto tone.

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Just Shred

This is just a nice crisp lead in the style of Chris Broderick and James Murphy. I use the ENGL and pre-eq it up to get a tight-but-not-harsh distortion tone, then post-EQ it to make it cut through a thick mix. Add a touch of reverb and delay for space, and that's it.

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